Is Tron (TRX) really as valuable as Justin Sun makes it look or is it merely a bubble built on hype?

Is Tron really as valuable as Justin Sun makes it look or is it merely a bubble built on hype?

Justin Sun is without a doubt one of the most active cryptocurrency CEOs, notable for informing his followers on the milestones that the Tron network continues to achieve on a daily basis. While the likes of Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum and Charlie Lee of Litecoin are often involved in more general tweets affecting the cryptocurrency space in general, we see Sun mainly highlighting the milestones achieved by the Tron network.

Not only has this led to some intense friction between Tron and other network developers/users, but this has also gone on to birth criticism from some crypto users as regards the value and speed of the Tron network and its effect on the Trx token. The big question is this; is the Tron network as valuable as Justin Sun makes it look? If so, why hasn’t Tron Trx moved up to $1?

Beginning with the value of Tron Trx, we have to remind ourselves that the Tron Trx is not controlled by the Tron network. Keeping in mind that Trx is an independent digital asset, we cannot expect that the Tron network is the sole booster for the value of the Trx token. However, seeing that the Tron network has continued to engage more and more developers and users to its network via events like niTron and Tronbet, it is highly possible that might have influenced some trading decisions by certain users. Although Tron Trx may not have as much market value as other perceived rivals, the activeness of the Tron network and its underlying ability to create a space for more user-friendly activities amongst traders has and will continue to largely influence the adaptation of the Trx token.

Tron dApps

Tron decentralized applications are perhaps the most effective area that the Tron network has succeeded in. With milestones achieved daily, the Tron dApps is not only raking in millions of transactions, but developers have also continued to migrate to the Tron network as advised by Justin Sun in search of greener pastures. While Tron Trx may not have benefited the most in value, it would seem ignorant to think that the Tron dApps have no inherent value. Not only did Ethereum lose its momentum with the downfall of crypto kitties, but EOS also lost as much as $1 million this year.

Conclusion: Although Tron’s Justin Sun has played a huge role in shedding lights on the successes of the Tron network, whether big or small, it doesn’t change the fact that the token is still developing like many others. And while Tron Trx is still managing to build stability, it cannot be disputed that the token has continued to grow in value and usability.