Tron dApps Records Higher Transactions Than Ethereum, Gets Listed by DappRadar

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Tron (TRX) performance rose higher since the launch of its decentralized applications (Dapps), Tronbet. Its numbers of registered daily transactions improved and even grew higher than that of ethereum.

Last month, the Dapps, Tronbet recorded over 500,000 individual transactions which were more than ethereum daily volume that was about 500,000.

This is a clear indication that Tron Dapps performs better than ethereum Dapp IDEX. Presently the number of a daily transaction performed by Tron Dapps is up to 551, 709 while the IDEX dApp on Ethereum records about  9,116.

Ethereum has about ten Dapps, Tron has just two, but numbers don’t seem to add up but the functionality does when it comes to blockchain decentralized applications. Tron Dapps performs faster in registering transactions, and this enhances its performance.

This decentralized applications function in a way that, as more transactions are performed, the system performs better and becomes stronger.


Ethereum’s blockchain performance seems to be slow because it doesn’t handle a large volume of transactions.

Tronbet daily active users are about 1,923 while ethereum IDEX has just 947. Though Tron has fewer decentralized applications the increase in the number of transactions makes it outperform ethereum.

Tron foundation has been open in partnering with programmers and developers; this further enables them to have an edge over the second largest cryptocurrency, ethereum.

Recently,  DappRadar, a website which monitors the performance of the DApps, just selected Tron Dapps to be listed on its platform. DappRadar is the top global leader in marketing and monitoring of Dapps performances.

It enables users and developers to easily track Dapps data on Ethereum, EOS, including Tron now. Users and developers are allowed to understand changes in the market, based on the data provided, discover the newest and the best Dapps.

Tron has been able to increase the performance of its network by improving its Dapps products. Now it’s Tronbet performance has surpassed ethereum IDEX by functionality and usage.

It has also launched Tron Dapp House, an app store which showcases all the Dapps in Tron network, so users can understand and access easily.