Tron [TRX] Still Made it to 100 Million Daily Transactions Despite Bear Market

Tron [TRX] Still Made it to 100 Million Daily Transactions Despite Bear Market

Tron CEO, Justin Sun just communicated on Twitter that Tron has hit the next milestone of 100 million daily transactions. This is quite a lot of achievement considering the ongoing bear market condition in the crypto space.

Just last month, Tron hit one million transactions surpassing Ethereum, Bitcoin and Ripple daily transactions. According to the CEO, from this week’s report, it has reached 100 million, which sounds like something different happened within this short period. A closer look shows that Tron team has taken great advantage of the current bearish market to increase the volume of their transactions.

Not so long ago, Mr. Sun announced in a tweet that Tron would raise funds to rescue EOS and Ethereum developers from their falling networks if they would migrate their Dapps to Tron network.

“TRON will build a fund to rescue #ETH and #EOS developers from the collapse of their platform as long as those developers migrate their Dapps to #TRON”

He also came up again last week to announce that more developers have joined the network, which means more transactions.

”TRON breaks two records today! 2.53 MM Txs per day and 32,284 daily increase address! More developers from #EOS and #ETH have migrated to TRON!”

Tron protocol works in a way that the more it is used the more its capacity to perform transactions increases. The Tron team perfectly understand this, no wonder why they are into a lot of partnership with programmers and developers. Developers are attracted to the Tron operating system mostly because they are able to develop in simpler coding languages than Ethereum.


While this bearish market condition is hitting hard on other networks, Tron team are busy improving their network and winning more developers over This is really a fantastic business strategy from the team, no wonder the 100% increase in daily transactions within a very short period of time.

At the rate Tron is going, nothing may be able to stop the network from dominating the crypto space, come 2019.