Editorial Policy

Ethical Code

At ZyCrypto, We Strive To Conserve Highest Possible Degree Of Journalistic Standard by maintaining utmost transparency and accuracy in our news reporting.

Our expert and prolific Journalists cover all major news stories that revolve around the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space.

All news stories on ZyCrypto are thoroughly checked by a professional editor to ensure that the facts in the reports are accurate as well as unbiased.

We are strict with copyright issues. Therefore, our writers only use quotes in news stories. In case of any original material, we always credit it properly to the main source.

ZyCrypto follows five main pillars of stability for our build – News integrity, Ease of Use, Security, Social interactivity, and financial proficiency – which we believe are key to providing a useful and compelling service.

Advertising Policy

ZyCrypto generates revenue via banner advertisements, press releases/sponsored posts and affiliate marketing programs so as to keep up with the daily operations of the platform.

All Sponsored contents and press releases are always clearly marked either as “press releases” or “sponsored” at the top of such articles, we do this so that our readers can always differentiate our original articles from paid placements.

We only publish advertisements from credible and transparent projects, we do not accept advertisement offers from an advertiser if the project has a shady or fraudulent history or uses deceptive marketing. Please Do well to reach us via our contact page if you notice any questionable project being displayed on ZyCrypto.