TRONbet Hits 3.1 Billion Total Won, The Game Continues!

TRONbet Hits 3.1 Billion Total Won, The Game Continues!

Tron has been making headlines since this week for many reasons. From a  huge milestone of hitting 12 million smart contracts in just two weeks after its launching to Tron’s Justin Sun teasing Vitalik Buterin about Tron’s daily transaction surpassing the Ethereum token.

But a quick pause in between the lines shows that Tron users are enjoying a galore of excitement as more and more players continue to cash out from Tronbet.

Users are not slowing down a bit on their pace, especially after Justin Sun has just revealed that a whopping total of $3.1 billion has been won since the game launched in October.

Tweeting at his 542,000 twitter follower, Sun congratulated users saying; Tronbet reaches 3.1 billion $TRX total won! Congrats!

It is interesting to note that Tronbet is also the first gaming dApp on the Tron network, with over 15,000 transactions processed by users per day, the upsurge has boosted traffic for the token, a move which is also responsible for Tron’s price upsurge against the Ethereum.


“TRONbet, a provably-fair dice game, is one of the many gaming #dapps that are being built on the #TRON network. On the first day of the release, TRONbet was played over 10,000 times.”

To partake as an eligibility player, interested users must own Tron (TRX) tokens and enable a  Tronlink wallet or create one using the Tronbet website. Upon creating an account, users can stake a certain amount of Tron token after predicting a number under the slider. An up and down movement of the slide automatically adjusts payout and win chances.

Users can then click on “roll” to place a bet, after which a smart contract randomly generates a lucky number from 0-99,  lucky numbers below users prediction will emerge as winners.

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