Justin Sun says Ethereum and Consensys Staff suffering Layoffs Should Apply to Tron for Jobs as it is a “well-funded family”

Justin Sun says Ethereum and Consensys Staff suffering Layoffs Should Apply to Tron for Jobs as it is a

Tron CEO has spoken again concerning Ethereum developers, this time asking them to apply to Tron for job opportunities. According to a Twitter post today 22 December 2018, Sun said Tron will be happy to welcome Ethereum and Consensys staff to work with them.

He said:

Everyone in @ConsenSys and @ethereum please send your resume to us-recruiting@tron.network and embrace your new opportunity!  You are mostly welcome to join our fast-growing and well-funded #TRON family. #TRX $TRX #ETH

Sun’s post may have something to do with the circulating news that ConsenSys was laying off over half of its workforce adding up to 1,200 staff. consenSys later denied the allegations of the layoff but confirmed that certain projects may be left with no choice than to leave the company.

Tron’s Justin Sun has always been vocal about the superiority of the Tron protocol to that of Ethereum. He had always wooed Ethereum developers to migrate their projects to Tron. some developers have actually migrated to Tron although Weiss Ratings says both Ethereum and EOS protocols are better than that of Tron.

Tron is a blockchain company with a single purpose to decentralize the internet and make it accessible to everyone around the world. The company has actually achieved many feats that give Sun bragging rights. Its several innovations in games and other applications have increased TRX transaction volume significantly this year, increasing adoption for TRX and making the asset more popular.


Although Ethereum started out in smart contracts before Tron, apparently the latter has outperformed the former. It has tripled Ethereum’s daily transaction volume just a few days ago and is still pushing forward. Sun had projected a huge increase of the company by year end which is approaching and this seems to be coming true with the great increase in daily trade volume.

Ethereum has seemingly been partially inactive in its activities which may be why it was replaced in the second place by XRP and the gap between the two has been growing wider. Will Sun’s post challenge them to improve on the project and grow to take back its place in market capitalization and smart contracts that it is known for?