The real reason why Cryptocurrency Developers are ditching other platforms for the Tron Network

The real reason why cryptocurrency developers are ditching other platforms for the Tron network

The cryptocurrency community has experienced a widespread division between the top dogs in the past months. Top proponents of different networks have been going back and forth in disagreement, causing the cryptocurrency scene to attain more damages than gains.

However, the latest events of developers ditching the Ethereum and EOS network for “greener pastures” on the Tron network has taken the spotlight. The genesis of this was birthed on the 6th of November, when Tron’s Justin Sun, in a bid to “rescue a collapsed” EOS/Ethereum network suggested that EOS and Ethereum developers are better off migrating to the Tron network.

Twitter users were not particularly thrilled by Sun’s tweet, noting that Tron itself is battling with losses that erupted from the bearish market. In fact, the official EOS block creators responded to Sun, highlighting the promising state of its network as regards to its billion-dollar VC fundings.

While the overall cryptocurrency community did not make much of this event, developers have shown themselves to be open to the bargain as a large number of developers have continued to migrate to the Tron network. Earlier today, Sun can be quoted welcoming yet another developer “Welcome on board. Looking forward to seeing more talented developers join us”, he said.

While speculations are making rounds that the migration is temporary and developers may just be stretching arms, a bigger question is what exactly is behind these developers decisions? Is this a quick bow to Sun’s suggestion? Or is the severity of the bearish market more profound on their previous networks?


From Hash War to dApp war?

The technology of dApps are still up and coming, as such, it is ultimately impossible to conclude that one dApp platform is better than the other. With this being the case, one can no longer speculate that developers are migrating to Tron for the sole reason that it is of greater value than other networks. Also, the case of trading price in terms of tokens does not present itself as a factor, seeing that EOS and Ethereum’s Ether is by far more valuable than Tron’s TRX.

However, seeing the milestones that the Tron dApps have achieved and the adaptation rate of Tron dApps from global users as opposed to EOS and Ethereum dApps, it makes more sense to say that developers perceive a more secure working environment and faster results with the Tron network.

Looking back at the downfall of Ethereum’s Crypto kitties, coupled with the fact that EOS dApps have lost $1 million to hackers this year, it is only logical that developers see a brighter future with Tron dApps, which has arguably been the most active dApp network this year.