Calvin Ayre predicts Bitcoin Cash profit of 700% by May 2018

Calvin Ayre

Cryptocurrency investor Calvin Ayre has predicted that Bitcoin Cash will reach U$10,000 in May 2018, a 700% rise from its current price.
Calvin Ayre has been a supporter of Bitcoin Cash for some time and strongly believes it will reach US$10,000 by May this year. Bitcoin itself has fallen quite a bit in price lately and some believe this is due to high transaction costs associated with scaling issues inherent.
The prediction by Calvin Ayre seems a little extreme yet it is expected that Bitcoin Cash will rise due to a heavy marketing campaign currently underway. The price, moreover, may rise given the high level of volatility apparent in the cryptocurrency markets of late.
Ethereum would probably be a better bet for overtaking Bitcoin because it is uncorrelated with many of the major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Ethereum seems like a likely successor of Bitcoin because of its large and unique market share. Bitcoin Cash, however, is still heavily correlated with Bitcoin.
Calvin Ayre wants to capitalize on his prediction by investing in Bitcoin Cash mining ventures and marketing of the coin as well. He also wants to invest in projects that will make Bitcoin Cash faster and more scalable than Bitcoin in the future.
Gavin Andresen, second in command after Satoshi, claimed last year that Bitcoin Cash was more true to Satoshi’s original plan of Bitcoin in that it was fast and cheap to run. Bitcoin has run into many scalability issues after the rise of interest in the cryptocurrency. Transactions on Coinbase can be quite expensive and slow due to these real issues that have arisen. Calvin Ayre also believes that Bitcoin Cash is the one coin that is true to Satoshi’s original plan for Bitcoin.
Calvin Ayre also plans on utilizing his website and brand Coingeek to promote Bitcoin Cash. He specifically will be creating an e-commerce website that will take advantage of Bitcoin Cash’ natural ability to handle fast micro-payments. His term for this form of commerce is called ‘Bcomm’ and he believes Bitcoin Cash is the only coin able to handle this form of payment well.
Calvin Ayre plans on creating a detailed marketing program that will educate people on the benefits of using Bitcoin Cash. He looks forward to a conference in Hong Kong this year on May 18th that will promote the scalability advantages of Bitcoin Cash. A key focus of the conference will be on Bcomm forms of commerce and how Bitcoin Cash fills the current void.