Most Promising Altcoins For 2019

Most Promising Altcoins For 2019

2019 is almost here if you have plans of venturing in the cryptocurrency business, this is the best time to do your calculations. Although 2018 has been such a tough year in altcoins preparing for the New Year with higher expectations is essential. However, for you to attract positive results for next year, it is essential to learn of which altcoins are convenient and most relevant to the market. This blog contains a list of the most promising altcoins that will take over in 2019 based on their technology, and other criteria’s.

Stellar XLM

XLM (stellar) focuses on providing its users with reasonable, efficient and fast cross-border payments. Unlike other altcoins that focus on large institutions, stellar deals mostly with individuals. The best thing about this altcoin is that it has partnered with large tech companies to ensure that it has a substantial investment representation. Its blockchain processes higher transactions at a lower fee which makes it highly competitive.


Since its innovation in 2011, litecoin has continued to be among the best altcoins and it guarantees easy money for every investor. The difference between litecoin and bitcoin is in its advanced technology. It has a large market cap, and its popularity is proliferating. Additionally, litecoin has tons of active traders who are always ready to invest even more to see it rise to the top in the crypto market. Over the years, this altcoin has proved to make progressive growth with New Year.


If you are a keen follower of the cryptocurrency market, you understand that this altcoin is new on the market. However, that does not indicate that it does not have what it takes to take over the market in the coming 2019. 4New project runs factories that convert waste to electricity after burning the trash. They then tokenize the electricity, which enhances their position in the crypto market. What makes this altcoin more promising is the fact that they use progressive technology in waste cleanup and application to the world of cryptocurrencies. Although we cannot entirely say that this altcoin will take over 2019, its technology will eventually yield results in the general public.


This is the third-largest cryptocurrency by capitalization after ethereum and bitcoin. This altcoin has partnered with large financial institutions to offer a reliable and easy solution for cross-border payments. Unlike stellar, ripple focuses on working with institutions, which guarantees its higher participation in the market.


Ethereum Classic

As you plan for next year, it is important to remember that ethereum classic is not giving up on the crypto market any soon. Therefore, even with more projects coming up and new coins taking center stage on the market, ethereum classic will still maintain its position if not growing higher. Although there are challenges on which altcoin will be strong coming in 2019, looking closely at the coinbase acquisition ethereum that is still gaining popularity.

Basic Attention Token BAT

If you are looking for an altcoin that has a purpose, then all you need is BAT. It has a highly experienced team with impressive resumes. BAT addresses issues that relate to everyone’s daily lifestyle, which makes it convenient for every person. Being among the top cryptocurrency BAT is a unit of account between publishers, advertisers, and users. Although it does not encourage its token trading with other exchanges, BAT guarantees to advertise all trades that list it in their trading. This guarantees that it will take on a big share in the crypto market come 2019.


Last on our list is Lisk. Although it almost has the same features as of ethereum, it is slightly easier to use as it is written javascript. Therefore, if you are not familiar with heavy code solidity, you still stand a chance to understand the cryptocurrency business thanks to Lisk. Lisk is, however, a convenient platform for hosting blockchain applications. If you are new to the altcoin business, then this might be the best place to start. Since by 2019 the business will have its numbers increasing, then expecting new things from Lisk should not be exceptional.


The cryptocurrency market keeps evolving and the altcoins that are on top today might not see through the end of the year. Additionally, although 2018 has been full of surprises, it is essential to prepare yourself and focus more on investing with brands that you are comfortable with.