A quick look at Bitcoin Satoshi Vision’s performance so far

A quick look at Bitcoin Satoshi Vision’s performance so far

Upon the close of the hash war, Craig Wright’s Bitcoin Cash Satoshi Vision token (BCH SV) began trading on the 9th of November 2018 and has since been struggling to maintain steadiness at the trading price. It is interesting to note that the Bitcoin  ABC, it’s rival token is set to launch very soon. Could this affect the already fluctuating trading price of BCH SV?

So far, the token has managed to stay afloat since it went live on the market. On the 9th of November when Bitcoin SV went live, the token opened at a trading price of $88.30, a decent start which later tumbled to a daily low of $50.68 and later closed at $68.75. In the next five days, the token was able to hit its overall all-time high of $243.78, although short-lived, the token didn’t drop too far from the $200 mark as it moved at $155.38 and closed even higher at $174.81.

However, that trading price has since drifted to a shaky end. Bitcoin Satoshi Vision is currently the world’s 9th largest cryptocurrency according to data from coinmarketcap, and has amassed a trading volume of $70.08 Million as of present, prior to which the token was holding a whopping sum of $589 274 000 on the 26th of November, its highest trading volume so far. As of this writing, Bitcoin SV is trading at $92.95 amidst a slight loss of 2.21%. It is highly possible that the token could rally upwards to $100 and head out towards the $150 resistance level.

Meanwhile, Roger Ver’s Bitcoin ABC which is soon to go live has garnered quite the support. Japanese based cryptocurrency giant GMO has announced support for the token and is set to begin Bitcoin Cash trading in the next 24hrs after the shut down prior to the hash fork.