How to Easily withdraw your earnings on Steemit

easily withdraw your money on steem

Welcome back Once more, I am going to explain in details on how to withdraw your Steemdollars (SBD) to your bitcoin wallet and then sell it or convert it to any other cryptocurrency of your choice.

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So once you have good articles posted on steemit, of course, you earn money, now we are going to explain the easiest process in withdrawing your earnings easily.
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Now unto the main thing

To withdraw your steem dollars (SBD), first of all, navigate to the WALLET tab in your steemit profile, check the image below.

how to withdraw your earnings on steemit

Click on the wallet option and then it will take you to your earnings page,
withdraw your earnings on steemitClick on the small arrow pointing downwards and then Click on sell, but as you can also see there are also other options there, the Transfer option is for sending your steem dollars to another user on steemit, you might decide to sell it directly to another user on the platform if it fits best for you, just click on it put in the username and amount and submit.

The convert to steem option is for if you wish to convert your steem dollars to steem, just click on it and follow the two instructions, re-authenticate and submit, it usually takes 3-5 days for the conversion.

And then still on how to withdraw your earnings

After clicking on Sell on the steem dollar tab of your steemit profile in the Wallet section, it will take you to, then you input the amount of SBD that you want to sell.

withdraw your steemit earnings through blocktradesWhile filling in the amount of steem dollar that you want to sell, the receive BTC (estimated amount will automatically update and show you the amount of bitcoin you will receive.
Then below it like in the image above, paste in your wallet address and click on GET DEPOSIT ADDRESS.

A box will display below showing you what to do,

how to withdraw steemit earnings through blocktrades
As shown above, you will be shown to send the amount of SBD to the account name @blocktrades, And the memo which is something like a bitcoin address to fill in on the memo box, (very important).

Now go back to your steemit wallet tab, click on the same arrow that is pointing downwards on the steem dollar column, click on Transfer.

your steemit earnings withdraw through

Fill the info in and Click submit…

that is it, your bitcoin wallet address will automatically be credited immediately after three network confirmations.