How to Earn Money On Steemit

how to earn on steemit

On this Post, I will be showing you how to earn money on the Blockchain social media network, Steemit, where you get paid for posting good quality and engaging contents.

the social media network, where you get paid for posting good quality contents.

Steemit was founded by Ned Scott and Dan Larimer in the year 2016, Dan Larimer also happens to be the founder of bitshares.

As you know steemit was originated from the steem cryptocurrency, the platform steemit uses blockchain technology to reward its users for contents posted.

Getting Started

To start you have to Sign up on and wait for approval after some days from 2-5days.
how to earn money on steemit
You will be sent a mail when you have been approved on steemit. a link will be shown to you to click on to finish your account creation.

Click on the Link And fill in your @username, your password will be shown to you immediately, it is going to be a set of long characters usually starts with P5………..

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One important thing you should Note is to Never to lose your password as steemit cannot recover your account if you eventually lose your password, keep your password very safe, as steemit is just like your bitcoin wallet, anyone who has access to your steem account, automatically also has access to your funds, so do not be carried away and think that steemit is just like your normal social media accounts, NO!, it is more than that.
I suggest writing down your generated steemit password in a safe place where it would not be compromised.


Login to your new dashboard
how to earn money on steemit
You can clearly See your dashboard now with no posts yet…..

Unto the Next One

So Now You have to start writing rich quality contents that have values and not contents that you copy from other sites and paste, steemit frowns at plagiarism and might lead to your account being deleted if you are found guilty of such,  so to be on the safe and good side never copy contents that you do not own, if you want to copy make sure that you give credits to the original author? and also try to seek permission from the original author.
here on, we will try to explain every step on how to earn and withdraw on steemit to the very best we can, So to start posting, just click on the ‘SUBMIT A STORY’, which can be seen at the upper right of your screen.

Always try to post engaging contents that will give you enough replies on your posts and UPVOTES.


how to earn on steemit

Upvote can basically be described as the ‘Like’ feature you see on most social media platforms but renamed as ‘Upvote’ On steemit.
Upvoting on your posts contributes to at least to your 80% earnings on Steemit, so the more engaging your post is, the more replies and upvotes you get? which means more steem for you on steemit.

And also know which option to choose on the rewards tab while writing your post
How to power up on steemit
A 100% power up means all of your shares of the earnings goes to powering up your account with Steem Power. while

While 50/50 means you want some (half) to go to Steem Power and some (half) of your earnings from the post to go to your money account (either Steem or Steem Dollars) that are readily available for trade or to pay for stuff.

What is Steem Power?

Steem power is a unique system that is used to inspire long term growth and commitment. The cryptocurrency world is known for investors jumping from one cryptocurrency to another depending on the trend of the moment. Bitcoin is perhaps the most well-known cryptocurrency.

While Bitcoin has maintained its value, many cryptocurrencies fluctuate wildly. Steem power encourages long term commitment by allocating 9 Steem to Steem power for every Steem it creates. This helps create a community of investors that will be around for the long term. Steem power is required for voting on content on the Steem platform. You will see references to Steem whales which are users who have acquired a large amount of Steem power and have therefore gained huge influence over the Steem platform. Getting an upvote or a comment from a Steem whale can have a huge effect on your earnings. This system encourages good content creation as well as platform participation.


To buy steem power log in to your account, click on the wallet tab on your profile
how to buy steem power
Click on the buy steem or steem power button, it will take you to    please always verify that it is so as not to mistakenly go into a scam website thinking that it is BlockTrades.

Then on BlockTrades fill in the amount of BTC that you want to use to purchase steem power.

how to buy steem power
Then input your username as the receiving address, NOTE: Ensure that your username is not mistaken, confirm your username very well to avoid loss of funds, after that click on the “Get a new Deposit Address” button, a new address will be generated for you immediately.

Now copy the address and send your desired amount to it and immediately it gets at least 3 confirmations, your steem power will be credited immediately.

To see your earnings on steemit, click on the Wallet tab on your profile to view it.


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