how to get followers and post quality contents on steemit and get upvote

how to get followers and post quality contents on steemit and get upvote

So first of all you have to have an Audience ,who you will like to UPVOTE your posts and interact on your posts

Building An Audience on Steem

Steemit is a large community of like mind users ,so to start having followers and audience, you should always use good related topics and tags.
In order to attract views and upvotes you have to get to know these topics and the types of readers found in each mini-community.  , you should use a catchy TOPIC and related TAG.


To know tags that are related to your niche, for example if your post is about Bitcoin , after writing your article, you should use TAGS like ( BITCOIN CRYPTOCURRENCY BLOCKCHAIN  ) and then if your article is about Ethereum , you should use tags like ( ETHEREUM CRYPTOCURRENCY BLOCKCHAIN ALTCOINS ) 
In my experience (and research), two types of articles tend to enjoy the most success. Shorter commentaries on current, breaking events, and longer form intellectual pieces that really dig into a topic or issue, and are generally more “ever green”. To be clear, however, you shouldn’t take this as a hard rule, but as more of a general reflection of one writer. You should do your own research and be willing to experiment as you may uncover your own insights while on steemit.
You should always try to post rich unique articles and not articles that you copied from another site as steemit might have your account blocked and deleted or your earnings might be cleared, you are going to stand a high chance of success if you are the first one to analyze on that article or post.
Be active in the community, always comment, follow and upvote on other users posts, try to share ideas, the more popular you get, the more followers you get and of course more upvotes
And as well always try to concentrate on a particular niche, you can decide to blog on what you are good at, you can research and blog on cryptocurrency or you might decide to blog on about breaking news in your country,food,politics ,e.t.c , whichever it is always try to be unique as it will give you a large audience and followers, who might always upvote your posts and earn you money.

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