Australians can now buy Bitcoin and Ethereum at over 1200 newstands


Australians can now buy Bitcoin and Ethereum at over 1200 newstands thanks to local Exchange.
Australia is once again making a name for itself in the blockchain world as a country in which the adoption of cryptocurrency is being encouraged by various public and private initiatives. This may make it one of the countries with the highest number of per capita cryptocurrency adoptions in the world.
While only weeks ago, Brisbane National Airport said that it has begun the process of making an entire airport terminal crypto-friendly, March seems to be the month of exchanges with the famous  website on the news once again as a reference in innovation and driving new business strategies.
On March 1, the Australian website specialized in the area of finance and economics published an article announcing that Exchange, would not only sell bitcoin in physical newsstands throughout Australia, but would also expand its commercial operations, by selling Ethereum (the second most important currency on the market).
According to said exchange’s CEO Rupert Hacket the market is mature enough to successfully adopt both currencies in day-to-day transactions:

“Traditionally, the only people who knew about Ethereum or wanted to buy it were those who already had bought Bitcoin (…) But now that cryptocurrency is more well-known we found that Ethereum’s cheaper price point made it a more digestible value proposition for buyers.”

There are more than 1200 stands authorized for the purchase and sale of coins. Now customers will be able to use their cash to buy bitcoin or ethereum in the same way as they would buy a soda or newspaper (and in the same place)
This trading strategy seeks to facilitate operations with cryptocurrencies in an emerging Australian market:

“When your product is totally digital it can be hard to gain trust from consumers because there’s no tangible product being handed over (…) Using newsagents provides consumers with a convenient and trusted way for investors to buy cryptocurrency.” Hackett told 9Finance.

The website explains in a very simple way what to do in order to buy ethereums in any of its agencies:
“How do I buy Bitcoin or Ethereum?

  1.  Provide us with your email, mobile number and wallet address.
  2.  Visit one of our 1200 newsagent partners with your Bitcoin or Ethereum QR code or deposit in store at your chosen bank.
  3.  After receiving your deposit, we will send your Bitcoin or Ethereum instantly.”

Undoubtedly another step forward in the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies as normal means of payment and trading of any kind of goods.