How to Buy Bitcoin

Now we will explain how you can easily buy bitcoins , first of all by now you must have gotten a bitcoin wallet address for your funds which is just like your bank account where you store your money, if you have not you can check our list of recommended bitcoin wallets.

So now you want to fund your bitcoin wallet , now you need to buy bitcoins , so to buy bitcoins, there are numerous ways to buy bitcoins and also earn bitcoins to your wallet address for spending.

1)Buying from exchanges:

you can buy from exchanges like


Cover art=> Remitano : one of the best bitcoin exchange marketplace for buyers and sellers but offers an escrow service so as to eliminate scam activities in the platform , this simply means that the seller sends bitcoins to Remitano and you send money to the buyer and immediately you both confirm it, the bitcoins will be sent immediately to you the buyer from remitano instantly.

Click here to buy from Remitano

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=> Changelly : One of the best and fastest exchanges that let`s you exchange multiple cryptocurrencies instantly and you can also buy coins with your Credit Card on the changelly exchange easily and quickly. click on the button below to buy.



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=> Coinbase : you can buy bitcoins from coinbase with your credit card and get credited into your coinbase account ,but buying from coinbase is not currently supported in all countries , so you might want to create an account and check if your country is supported.

Click here to buy from coinbase



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Local bitcoins : LBC is one of the biggest online bitcoin marketplace in the world where you can buy bitcoins from users on the online marketplace. NOTE : only buy from users with high trust score and number of successfully trades executed.



Paxful is another good bitcoin market place for buyers and sellers also similar to localbitcoins and also offers a free inbuilt bitcoin wallet on the PAXFUL Exchange.



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