Tron (TRX) Accelerates to Over One Million Daily Transactions

Tron (TRX) Accelerates to Over One Million Daily Transactions

Tron is back in the news as Justin Sun makes another move. A few days ago, there was a lot of talk about Tron aiming to surpass its target of 1 million daily transactions. Well, it seems that the good news is now hitting our screens even earlier than expected, and there’s more than just the news.

The Contest
Just days before Tron achieved the said 1 million daily trades, the CEO and founder of the company, Justin Sun, started a contest and pledged to dish out some nice rewards to 5 random winners. In the contest, his followers were asked to predict the date when Tron would hit the 1 million transactions target.

Justin promised to give out a cool 5,000 TRX tokens, meaning that each of the winners would be taking home about a thousand TRX. Now that the target has been reached, it became obvious that Justin would announce the 5 lucky winners. And he did just that.
In a tweet, the cool generous CEO announced that Tron had not only achieved the 1 million transaction milestone, but it had also actually surpassed it.

Adding to that, he went ahead to announce the 5 winners who came out right in guessing the correct date the milestone was achieved. To make things even cooler, the twitter followers who won came out to drop their comments on the thread, confirming their winnings. Someone in the thread even suggested that Tron could actually hit 2 million daily transactions within the following week.

Tron (TRX) Shows Ethereum (ETH) Some Huge Dust
Expectedly, Tron’s success in boosting its total daily transactions is partly fueled by its recent acquisition of BitTorrent, converting the users already in the system into its customer base. As such, its traffic has increased, and that means more transactions per day. With such a volume, Tron has surpassed Ethereum. In fact, it not only surpassed Ethereum, but it achieved twice Ethereum’s volume. However, Ethereum still remains ahead of Tron in terms of market cap.


Tron’s main objective is to redefine the entertainment industry by giving power back to the users. With Tron’s system, users can create, store, and publish their own stuff without outside control. The company has also announced plans to team up with JOYSO to develop a hybrid crypto exchange platform.