‘Tron to Rescue ETH and EOS Developers From their Collapsed Platforms if They Migrate Their Dapps to Tron’, Says Justin Sun

'Tron to Rescue ETH and EOS Developers From their Collapsed Platforms if They Migrate Their Dapps to Tron', Says Justin Sun

Tron CEO Justin Sun announced in a tweet that Tron is ready to provide funding to rescue Ethereum and EOS Developers who have been affected by the collapse of these platforms.

This tweet stirred a lot of comments from parties to each of the platforms mentioned, some of the retweets indite Mr. Sun while others are in praise of his expertise. Some came in funny mocking videos which portray Tron’s failure in the future.

One of the tweets stated that a test with one Dapp transferred to Tron network would get others running to Tron platform.

All it takes is for 1 DApp from the #ETH to transfer across to $TRON Network before we start to see more and more of #ETH DApps seeking @justinsuntron help and support. Justin is controlling this SHIT in “BEAST MODE”

Another follower doesn’t believe that Tron is any better, and thinks this is one of Justin Sun’s lies, see the response; ‏

Would like to see some replies by @bytemaster7 and @VitalikButerin comparing development to development, from a technical perspective. They both should have the ability to break down why Tron is not better. Yet neither one ever do. They just continue to take L’s from Justin.

Brad went ahead to say that all the three platforms, Tron, ETH, and EOS have major development flaws which they have refused to point out. And Tron inherited Ethereum predicaments instead of changing them.


Justin Sun and his network, Tron foundation have gained a lot of favors and admiration from crypto enthusiasts but this announcement is raising so much dust. Even his faithful do not really believe his network is capable of performing the wonders he is promising. Mr. Sun could have set up mechanisms in motion that promise deliverables but until it is proven, people will still remain in doubt.