Bitcoin Satoshi Vision dethrones Bitcoin Cash and Tether. Is Stellar in danger?

Bitcoin Satoshi Vision dethrones Bitcoin Cash and Tether. Is Stellar in danger?

The newest member of the cryptocurrency market Bitcoin Satoshi Vision has declared war over two of the world’s largest cryptocurrencies as it pushed Tether and Bitcoin Cash to wall and seized the 5th spot for a short period of time.

As of that moment, the token’s trading volume was seated at $108 but has now slightly moved downwards to $106 as of this writing. Bitcoin Satoshi Vision had also kicked over its parent token Bitcoin Cash to own the sixth position before it pulled back below it. With outstanding gains of 15.50%, which is the most attained gains for any cryptocurrency in the top ten categories today.

The next 24hrs will be a significant determinant for the tokens as Bitcoin Satoshi Vision is relentless on building stability. It is an undeniable fact that Tether is sitting in a dangerous zone. If the token continues in this path, as it is likely to hit resistance levels of $110 and $150 and claim the 5th position for good this time, Stellar will have to look out for it’s new rival.

As opposed to Bitcoin Cash which has now lost as much as 12.58% as of this writing, Tether managed to stay in green lights with an increase of 0.40%. A decrease in trading volume will cost tether to fall below $1.01, a trading price that was dangling at $0.998296 in the last 24hrs.

Yesterday, ZyCrypto reported on the impressive breakout of BSV as it moved above the $90 to trade at $100 and has since been piling in the trading price. The outstanding gains can be credited to the involvement of the Korean traders whose trading pairs of the BCSV against the Korean Won has birthed a trading volume of $69.22 Million and an overall trading volume of $300.28 Million.