PayKassa is Providing tools for the Companies of the Future

PayKassa is Providing tools for the Companies of the Future

Even though the cryptocurrency market has been in a bear mode in 2018, adoption and demand for crypto and blockchain services is still going up. Business is moving towards accepting not only Bitcoin but also Ethereum, Litecoin and a variety of altcoins more and more.

Plus, consumers are becoming more aware of cryptocurrency and how it is used. The heightened interest in digital assets is leaving businesses wanting a service to handle their cryptocurrency needs. PayKassa intends to meet these demands by being the first aggregator of payments for most major cryptocurrencies.

The team at PayKassa have created an open online platform for accepting and processing payments, but the service extends beyond just payment services. Thriving businesses and startups inside or outside of the blockchain field can take advantage of the services provided by PayKassa, especially the tools that allow companies to run several different methods of fundraising including ICOs with closed and private rounds.

Currently, the platform allows businesses or other entities to accept more than a dozen currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, Zcash, Dash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Monero, Ripple, and Ethereum Classic, but PayKassa’s developers have the intention of adding more coins that are in demand in the future. What’s more is that they are accepting payments in bitcoin at 0 percent.

To get started on the PayKassa platform should take you about only around 10 minutes, and the user interface makes all of the tools provided on the site easily accessible. Paykassa boats top features and tools such as convenient, low installation cost API, free modules for connecting to all the popular CMS, the ability to make or accept mass payments, extensive statistical analysis of transactions, all along with a promise of transparency and no hidden fees or charges.


According to PayKassa, their payment processing services are the cheapest in the world, and their mission is to destroy “the barriers between countries and people, relieving its users from the bureaucracy and restrictions imposed by outdated, ossified legal systems.”

Sounds like a lofty but goal, but the company intends to be a truly all-encompassing cryptocurrency service by also providing a highly

secure and convenient wallet, making PayKassa an alternative bridge between people and businesses of all sizes.

A company that provides these services to businesses of different sizes all around the world is an important step for the use of cryptocurrency. The highly anticipated and long-awaited mass adoption period of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can only fully be realized if and when businesses accept these digital assets in a seamless way while processing payments for the everyday needs of the public.