Tron’s DApp Platform Records Highest Growth Rate, Yet TRX Price Still Nothing To Write Home About

Tron Adds 77,105 New Wallets in 2 Days Reaching 1.9 Million TRX Wallets

The blockchain technology has been one industry that’s been attracting a lot of attention of late. Platforms like Ethereum, EOS, and Tron have become household names for dApp developers. However, these platforms are now embroiled in an unending battle for supremacy, with the current situation favoring Tron – at least according to a tweet by Misha Lederman.

Misha sent out a tweet covering the 3 major dApp platforms, namely Tron, EOS, and Ethereum. He showed the number of dApps added in each of the 3 over the last 30 days. Apparently, Tron seems to take the cup, with 111 dApps added to its platform as opposed to Ethereum’s 74 dApps and EOS’ 39 dApps. The figures represent a 41.5% increase for Tron, 4.4% for Ethereum, and 8.6% for EOS. As such, Misha thinks that dApp developers are now choosing Tron over other dApp platforms.

Speed And Scalability

Responding to a follower’s comment claiming that many Tron-based dApps are low quality, Misha argued that Tron currently has some collectibles that haven’t been deployed anywhere else. Going on, he further argued that these new collectibles (games) cannot be accommodated on Ethereum’s blockchain because the platform doesn’t have the required speed or scalability to handle them.

This exchange brings forth the two major factors affecting most dApp platforms, and those are speed and scalability. In fact, they represent the main sphere of competition among the various dApp platforms because developers tend to choose the most scalable and fast platform.


TRX Price: The Big Question

Being the number one in scalability and speed is one thing, and actually converting that into a price advantage is another. One Twitter user expressed displeasure with the fact that Tron’s dominance in dApp development is yet to reflect on the market of TRX. Interestingly, other dApp platforms like Ethereum have their crypto tokens among the most pricy on the market.

Ardent Support

Granted, the Tron community has always been a closely-knit support base for both the network and TRX. In fact, some Twitter users admit that they don’t even have time to look at other cryptos as they’re totally sold out to TRX and the Tron network.