No Need For Competition, Binance CEO Affirms Ethereum (ETH) is Better Than Binance Coin (BNB)

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Binance Coin (BNB) has been one of the top leads in gains among the top ten cryptocurrencies and following the launch of Binance chain, the coin still holds more potential. As a result, Binance fans have started comparing BNB to Ethereum, saying it will soon destroy ETH.

While the CEO appreciates the love and passion for his coin, he has urged his fans to not diss any coin as it is better for all of them to grow together. In fact, he went as far as admitting that Ethereum is much better than BNB in features. This was in response to a fan who wrote a Twitter post indicating he preferred BNB to ETH.

This is an admirable leadership quality, the like of which may not be easily found in the cryptocurrency or any other industry for that matter. Although the fan was not wrong in expressing his support for BNB, CZ has only shown that the no single coin can grow in isolation in the industry and projects need to grow together especially because they have different strengths and weaknesses.

BNB has been enjoying the current market recovery as indicated by most cryptocurrencies and hit its all-time high as reported earlier today. Indeed, the asset has a demonstrable potential to become a top asset in the near future, but CZ seems to understand that it still has its own weaknesses and Ethereum is still a leader in its own niche.

No doubt the activities of the past week concerning the delisting of Bitcoin SV on several exchanges starting with Binance has possibly made a number of people in the industry unhappy with the CEO, but this singular act suggests he is not solely driven by sentiments in taking decisions concerning the industry.


The decision to delist BSV on exchanges would probably have not been taken if Craig Wright had CZ’s perspective of things in and it might be helpful if other CEOs and leaders in the industry see this as an example to emulate. Cryptocurrencies are fighting a war against the mainstream already so an internal crisis is not needed, to say the least.