Tron (TRX)'s Justin Sun Tweets Of Partnership with an Unmentioned Industry Giant, Could it be Alibaba?

Rumours Of Alibaba's Involvement in Tron Sparks As Justin Sun Tweets Of Partnership with an Unmentioned Industry Giant

Justin Sun has in a recent tweet set the crypto community ablaze as he mentioned in his tweet that the Tron project had bagged yet another partnership with “tens of billions of dollars” investment. Quoting his tweet, Sun had said;

“Finally, First time to partner with tens of billions USD valuation industry giant. Guess the name ?#TRON #TRX $TRX.”

Could It Be Alibaba?

Justin Sun, who has led the Tron project thus far is a prominent figure in the crypto community. His commitment to the project, which cannot be overlooked has contributed immensely to how great the project has become since its launch.
After Justin launched the Tron’s mainnet officially at the end of May 2018, there has been some partnerships and acquisition by the Tron team, with one that comes to mind being the BitTorrent.
Justin Sun who seems not to be slowing down any minute seems to be happy about this new deal he bagged as it will receive billions of dollars to fulfill its purpose; building a decentralized web.
Nevertheless, his tweet which hadn’t revealed who this partner is has drawn the attention of the community with several trying to figure out who this “valuation industry giant” could be.
The announcement which had got some people too excited had made many suggested it could be the giant eCommerce platform, Alibaba.
Their guess, which certainly has a solid backing cannot be overlooked. Alibaba’s founder, Jack Ma has been a longtime friend of Justin Sun, and Ma had previously picked Sun to study at the Jack Ma Hupan University for entrepreneurs because of his exceptional leadership skills which had helped him grow the Peiwo project.
The community continues to beam with excitement as they await the revelation of this new investor as mentioned by Justin Sun.

The Effect On Tron’s Value

This news which has certainly been well received by the community has shown in the value of the project’s cryptocurrency, the Tron. Despite market shed across the board, Tron has been able to hold up, recording a gain of 3.05% at the time of writing. More revelation about this new partnership and future deals are expected to drive the value of Tron to incredible heights.