Reasons why Monero could soon smoke above other Privacy coins

Reasons why Monero could soon smoke above other Privacy coins

Many investors within the crypto community are aware that a boom is inevitable within the crypto world irrespective of the lose in value of most cryptocurrency below what was expected of them at this time this year.
It could be observed that there is a higher interest in privacy coins now when compared to this time last year. Some of the two major privacy coins we have are Monero(XMR) and Zcash. However, there are factors that favours Monero over other anonymous cryptocurrencies. They are:
1) Higher market capitalization: many investors consider the market capitalization of a crypto coins or crypto token before they invest in it. For many months now, Monero (XMR) has been able to sustain a market capitalization above any other privacy coins like zcash. Presently, the market capitalization of Monero is $1.75 billion, while that of Zcash is $675.13 million. This is more than 150% in value to that of Zcash, hence it attracts more investors.
2) It is less volatile: for many months now, Monero had been able to show that it is less volatile than any other privacy coins by retaining its range within the Coinmarketcap ranking. It has stood between 11th to 15th position, while Zcash alternates between the 20th to 30th position. This shows that it is extremely less volatile when compared to Zcash.
3) Favourable predictions: it is note worthy that cryptocurrencies respond to speculations heavily. The higher the predictions about a crypto, the higher the public sentiment positively towards it. This in turn will increase its value.
A recent research shows that although Monero is traded now a little above $107, while Zcash is traded presently above $143, that the former could hit $18,000 in value by 2028. This prediction is sufficient to improve it’s trading volume in exchanges which will in turn increase its price.
4) Higher mining activities: for minable coins, it is worthy to note that it takes continuous activities in mines for the price of such coins to increase. Presently, the gain of Monero against USD is close to double digit while Zcash is showing a negative trend in a market where most coins are presently green.