Possible Reasons why there is 50% increase in Blockchain and crypto jobs in Asia

Possible Reasons why there is 50% increase in Blockchain and crypto jobs in Asia

There has been a worldwide earthquake on the way blockchain technology activities is done and on it’s range of applications.
A recent report by a recruitment firm shows that there has been a surge in the number of opportunities for blockchain experts by 50% since 2017 in Asia. Some of the countries affected are China, Singapore, India and South Korea.
The Possible reasons for this increase are:
1) Knowledge of wider applications of blockchain technology: previously, many researchers and mainstream companies felt that blockchain technology is limited to cryptocurrency. However, many development within the industry is showing that its applications is far reaching than the cryptocurrency sector it was previously limited to .
2) Increase in new startups that uses the technology: there is a great increase in the number of new initial coin offerings companies. They need a blockchain technology expert in other to be seen as a serious company with credible product.
3) Fewer experts with the skill: there are fewer experts with the skill, since one of the programming knowledge that is needed is Python and Solidity. This has created lapses in the industry with known experts in the industry working as adjoints for many of the establishment.
4) High profitability: many institutions and governments have seen that blockchain technology is highly profitable and could cut a lot of cost for them. This has increased their investment in it, and also the demand for blockchain experts.
5) Increasing Number of citizens participation: many would not understand how important it is to fulfil the hunger of the people. In most societies, there is a high surge in cryptocurrency related activities among their citizens. This rise has led to high investment of government in this sector since it is a tool to limit social vices and promote job creation.