Bitcoin Blockchain is more Truthful than Traditional Financial Institutions says Apple Cofounder Steve Wozniak

Bitcoin Blockchain is more Truthful than Traditional Financial Institutions says Apple Cofounder Steve Wozniak

Recently, Apple came into the news as the first company to hit the $1 trillion mark even though many thought that the cryptocurrency market would be the first to attain it as it grew above $800 billion value as of Jan 2018.

The debate for how valuable bitcoin and altcoins are has attracted the view of many venture capital and stock investors, with some for or against it while only a few had admitted that they are undecided.

Apple cofounder Steven Wozniak had said that he trusts the math behind bitcoin operations and blockchain than the traditional financial institutions. The inventor and computer engineer in a statement said,

“Bitcoin caught my attention. It had so many unusual aspects for any technology I had ever heard of. Nobody is really known to be the creator. It doesn’t have any centralized [component]. It’s based on mathematics. There’s a certain number of Bitcoin that can ever exist… Mathematics to me is like nature. It’s much better than human beings… I trust those things of nature more than what man makes up. Man makes up currencies, controls them, issues new US dollars every year. Bitcoin was immune to that.”

As a participant in the Las Vegas Chainxchange blockchain technology that has in attendance notable investors in cryptocurrency and blockchain, like Tom Lee of Fundstrat, Steven Wozniak stated that he has invested in his first blockchain investment in a startup called Equi, founded by Doug Barrowman.

This is an ethereum token also known as ‘British Ethereum’ since it will enable low-income earners to invest in real estate and luxury goods with a good chance to earn dividends as the seen stock market. In conclusion, he said,


“I’ve encountered people working in real estate avenues, types of Uber systems, everything we’ve got in our life, especially involving transactions – retail sales, car sales, manufacturing of goods… working on Bitcoin applications… and they all have value. Every single one you hear about, to me, has value…. A few people can see the value, which reminds me very much of the early internet days.”


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