Tron (TRX) Rapidly Expanding with Pornhub Partnership As Payment Method, Justin Sun Confirms

Tron (TRX) Rapidly Expanding with Pornhub Partnership As Payment Method, Justin Sun Confirms

It seems that the founder of Tron, Justin Sun, is unsurprised that a popular adult entertainment website, PornHub is fast adopting its payment structure to cryptocurrency. The crypto revolution at this website began in April of 2018, when it first welcomed – Verge XVG. Over the months, it has opened its ‘cash-boxes’ to other cryptos such as – TRON TRX.

Loads of Money in Adult Entertainment

Adult entertainment industry involves huge money flow and it is now expected that much of this money will be diverted into crypto markets.
For TRON this could be crucial integration and is expected to receive positive impact. It appears that across business categories there are many who are now keen on opening their payment structures to support TRX acceptance.
According to Justin Sun, TRON adoption in August has been the highest. He was quoted as saying that TRX payment channel has expanded to the next level.

Factors which are driving TRX growth

Justin Sun has said that

TRX payment channel has taken another step towards expansion. This is because of the recent partnership with Pornhub, one of the biggest adult entertainment industry.”

Additionally, there have been other factors which the founder perceives to be good indicators for TRX. He said that the collaboration with Bitcoin Superstore. The latter is an exclusive cryptocurrency—only store and offers over 20000 retail stores on its platform.
Thirdly, the ongoing partnership between Tron and the social media platform “Line” has shown that the token is successful in listing on the Bitbox exchange. TRX is now listed on multiple platforms as well. These include – CoinSwtich, Kryptono, Bitnovo, Atomic and even Kucoin.

Integration gives new value to TRX

The cryptocurrency influencer on social media, Justin Sun has claimed that lately the alternate coin has been gaining in value from the diverse number of platforms that the coin has been integrated into. Observers opine that there is a new phase of value building, use and new reason for people to invest in these virtual currencies.
Analysts have now come to predict that the increasing number of use cases for these cryptocurrencies is slowly but steadily nurturing an investment-friendly environment. This is because, investors are now interested in this variety of non-fiat currencies as they know that their purchases will eventually be put to use, in terms of transactional media as well.
Thus, the adoption of TRX by premium online outlets such as the adult entertainment website as well as online, onsite outlets is only creating further opportunity for these types of services to gain more circulation.


Growth in Community

Founders and users of this project are only happy to welcome more to their home-fold. The TRON community is intensifying its activities as the month of August set up a road map for the project in terms of integration into mainstream commercial transactions, albeit as a subscription service on a leading website.
TRON continues to quietly drive itself into the core of the cryptocurrency ecosystem with this diversified of integration on multiple category websites and establishing itself as a strong player in the world of cryptocurrencies.