Enthusiasts Expect Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos to be the Catalyst for the Next Bitcoin Bull Run

Enthusiasts Expect Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos to be the Catalyst for the Next Bitcoin Bull Run

Bitcoin enthusiasts and crypto investors are in full anticipation of yet a bullish market in the crypto industry, soon. This is not unexpected since the price of bitcoin and other cryptos have been on the downward slide for some time now. So it is very natural that those who have stakes in the crypto space should expect things to turn around.

The CEO of a digital asset exchange Binance, Changpeng Zhao thinks, Jeff Bezos’s large online retail shop Amazon should be the main substance for the next bull run. He sees Jeff as rich enough to cause a change in the crypto market if only Amazon could accept or issue cryptocurrency.

Changpeng has been a crypto evangelist for so many reasons, he is an investor and as well as an expert in cryptocurrency. He has been in a lot of programs that have added value to the cryptocurrency world.

He runs Binance crypto exchange and Binance Charity Foundation, the exchange is one of the largest. The foundation has been running a campaign to encourage big players in the crypto space to get involved in donating funds to the charity. They also take the responsibility to ensure that funds donated to charity are evenly distributed.  

BCF has partnered with organizations like Tron foundation and the CEO Justin Sun had donated the sum of $3million dollars to support the charity foundation.


Binance has a mission to lift people out of poverty and support blockchain technology through the BCF. as they stated during the lunch.

“Our mission is to lift the Bottom Billion people out of poverty by harnessing blockchain-enabled charitable giving and amplifying philanthropic endeavors by supporting blockchain solutions that unlock new, automated, and transparent pathways for philanthropic endeavors.”

Changpeng has shown great interest in promoting cryptocurrency and blockchain but getting Amazon to play in the crypto space may be his highest achievement if it plays out well.

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