A Bullish pattern is Emerging and flushing the red lights from the Crypto Market


Something very interesting is happening in the cryptocurrency market. Something that traders and investors have been anticipating for the longest time yet. Since the hash war began in November, right after the Bitcoin Cash hard fork had commenced, the cryptocurrency market has been nursing numerous losses from different angles, with some tokens peaking at an unfavorable trading price, and other tokens losing their spots. However, the narrative is about to take a dramatic turn with new waves of bullish trend lines showering across the charts.

Since the day began, the majority of cryptocurrencies have been bubbling with gains, ones that have even moved trading prices up by as much as 7%. The big bull has increased by 5.87%, this influx has helped push trading price to $3620.92.

A Bullish pattern is Emerging and flushing the red lights from the Crypto Market
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A continuation in this path may move Bitcoin to $4000, but the chances of the token going back to the $6000 mark are quite slim, however, if Bitcoin is able to maintain stability in this manner, there’s no telling where the token might ens up in the upcoming weeks.

Data from Coinmarketcap shows that Bitmex has recorded the highest gains in  Bitcoin trading volume, with the BTC/USD trading pairs skyrocketing to $1.67 Billion in the past 24hrs. On the other hand, Bitcoin Cash and the Ethereum has gone up by 7% each. This upsurge has carefully placed Bitcoin Cash in a much more safer zone against the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision token which had recently dethroned BCH.

Meanwhile, BSV has dropped by 2.53%, in the same manner, the trading price has moved from the $100 mark to settle at $98.07 as of this writing.


Other altcoins like Cardano, Monero, IOTA Tron and Litecoin are have been floating in green lights with gains ranging from 5 to 7% since the last 12 hours.

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