Breaking: Blockchain Wallet and Shapeshift Exchange Terminate Support for Bitcoin SV. Who is Next?

Breaking: Blockchain Wallet and Shapeshift Exchange Terminate Support for Bitcoin SV. Who is Next?

Following the delisting of Bitcoin SV (BSV) by Binance exchange, leading cryptocurrency wallet Blockchain has also announced the withdrawal of support for BSV. This was announced today on the Blockchain website.

The announcement says all BSV holders on the wallet are to either swap with other cryptocurrencies or send to a different wallet. The Team said their decision is based on a careful following of BSV since its creation in 2018.

We’re invested in the long-term health of the crypto ecosystem and are mindful to support cryptocurrencies that are reliable, safe, and convenient. Since January we’ve offered limited support for Bitcoin Cash SV (BSV) and have been closely monitoring activity of the BSV network since the hard fork in November,” the announcement added.

Meanwhile, Shapeshift exchange has also announced the delisting of the same cryptocurrency just a few hours after the Binance action, bringing the number of bad announcements to three in just a day. This may be marking the end for BSV as these are major players in the cryptocurrency industry and their actions mean the loss of millions of users.

Craig Wright is entirely to blame as it was his action against those who do not support his Satoshi claim that first led to the delisting on Binance. Although Blockchain did not clearly state that this is the case, it may be partly responsible.


Sadly this is not the end as Kraken may be acting next. The exchange has put up a poll on Twitter already for users to decide if BSV should be taken down and already. 75% of respondents want it delisted from Kraken.

Meanwhile, BSV is already feeling the heat of the drastic actions taken against it. Already the asset has lost at least 13% in the last 24 while its rival BCH is so far the highest gainer in the last 24 hours, gaining up to over 15% at a point.

With the current trends and the other actions to come, It will be safe to say that BSV is on its way down and may not recover and Craig Wright is 100% to blame for it. After Kraken, Which exchange or wallet will be the next to withdraw support for BSV?

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