Bitcoin [BTC] craze will Continue to Rage as long as the Technology Delivers

Bitcoin craze will Continue to Rage as long as the Technology Delivers

More and more people are looking at cryptocurrency as a tradable asset with real value. This is evident by the growing number of marketplaces that are popping up offering a people a place to trade basically anything for cryptocurrency. is a site that buys and sells cars for cryptocurrency and also connects people looking to do so. People are even buying houses and other properties for various cryptocurrencies, prompting financial publications like Forbes and CNBC to publish pieces like “5 tips when buying a home for bitcoin.”

By making big purchases like buildings and cars the public is showing their feelings on the value of cryptocurrency.  But by making small purchases and trades, people are showing their willingness to adopt cryptocurrencies as a way to make day to day trades and integrate the new technology into society.  
A simple search on Craigslist of “cryptocurrency ok” will display results of sellers offering things from gadgets, to collectibles, and from jewelry to simple knick knacks all in exchange for crypto. is an example of the new marketplaces filling the demand being created by people’s interest in obtaining and using cryptocurrency.
At Junktion, people can submit any number of products, receive a quote and make a trade for various cryptocurrencies.  Platforms likes this will certainly spread the use of cryptocurrency and help to grow a community of users who are comfortable with new means of paying for things.
Besides opening people to crypto, the creation of these new crypto marketplaces will also expedite the process of cryptocurrencies and blockchain being accepted by big business around the globe.  Pressure could be put on even the biggest of companies like Amazon or Walmart to get into the crypto space as the demand and comfortability of use rises.
Blockchain technological leaders promise that the swelling wave of smart contracts and dApps we are about to be hit with will free people from the chains of huge corporations.  
In this way, a catch 22 is created because while crypto and blockchain enthusiasts speak of decentralization and a world where people can manage their own wealth and operate without being tethered to big banks and and mega conglomerates, inevitably, industry leaders will want to take advantage of any technology they can to maximize profits and retain control of the markets.  
With practical use cases being delivered for individuals, small enterprises and big businesses alike, we seem to be headed towards the perfect storm of mass adoption.