The Never Ending War Continues As Roger Var Bad-Mouths Bitcoin Again


Roger Var is one of the early crusaders of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency but has since turned his back to embrace Bitcoin Cash as he claims that was in line with the original vision of cryptocurrency and blockchain originator, Satoshi Nakamoto.
Since the break-off, it has been constant war with Roger Var continually comparing the two cryptocurrencies side by side to show why Bitcoin can’t be a top choice.
His primary attack on Bitcoin has been the fact that the virtual currency cost way more to transact with than other cryptocurrencies.
Another recent tweet by Roger Var on Thursday the 28th June shows him doing what he’s famous at, tweeting:

“If you think BTC with its full block, high fee policy will be able to maintain market share; you are mistaken. It won’t, and it is time to move on to other things. #BitcoinCash #Ethereum #Dash #Monero #Zcash #Zcoin #cryptocurrency.”

Alongside his tweet, Roger Var also had a graphical analysis of transactions initiated every second on the Bitcoin Network compared with other alternative cryptocurrencies. Though Roger Var intended to accuse Bitcoin of having a much higher transaction fee, what’s surprising was that he wasn’t only clamoring for Bitcoin Cash, but a host of others like Ethereum, Dash, Monero, etc.
Nevertheless, he sure got lots of responses this time from his followers who do not agree with his position, with one of them by the name Crypto World, saying:

“So, BCash isn’t working as you expected and now you promote other coins. Yeah, that’s a great way to show confidence in you “product”.”

Despite the problems faced by the world’s number one cryptocurrency my market value, Bitcoin still takes a more significant share of all. Irrespective of what anyone’s opinion may be, it’s up to the people to choose which cryptocurrency wins at the end of the day.