When is the Best time to Accumulate Bitcoin? This Expert Investor says it’s over the next 3-6 months

When is the Best time to Accumulate Bitcoin? This Expert says it's Now

Monaco based crypto trader and CIO of Digital Currency Fund, Alistair Milne must think a rally is coming soon. With the next Bitcoin halving in mind, he says that over the next several months’ people in the space should be buying as much as possible.

“If you aren’t accumulating Bitcoin over the next 3-6 months, do you even crypto?”

Milne asked his 62 thousand plus followers while retweeting the well-known crypto account @100trillionUSD.

“#bitcoin is 15 months away from the next halving (May 2020) .. AND .. we had a -25% difficulty adjustment (Nov-Dec 2018) .. time to (rocket)”

While a lot of experts see a lower bottom coming, Milne makes the case that the Bitcoin halving event of 2020 will produce a bull run, just as the previous halving events have in the past.

Because past Bitcoin halvings have caused uptrends in buying in the months leading up to the event, it is expected that a surge in price could happen during Milne’s suggested buying period.

Of course with other positive developments and continuing adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency applications, the market could expand at a higher rate than previously experienced.

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These positive developments could bring a level of excitement to the crypto space and start a FOMO rush. The approval of an ETF by the US SEC, the launch of the Bakkt platform, and clarity finally being provided by legislators all add up to an eminent bull run. But “the halvening” as some call it, is still on the forefront for many experts.

Another prominent cryptocurrency influencer, Anthony Pompliano tweeted similar sentiment last week.

“Wait till the legacy financial institutions experience Bitcoin’s halving in 2020. The idea of being unable to print more of something and an asset getting more scarce over time is foreign to them. Wall Street FOMO will be wild to watch.”

Everyone is looking for the trigger that will ignite the next bull run. Although there might still be some bottoming left, most experts agree that another Bitcoin price surge is inevitable.