BTC Price Watch – Imminent Pullback to $8500 Before Another Retest to Break Above $8948

Cryptocurrency Market Analysis December 3, 2018; Top Coins see Red

Cryptocurrency trader and investor, Josh Rager is not one to call for crypto moon shots, But he’s optimistic overall on Bitcoin’s long term outlook and has been calling for the digital currency to break above $9000 sooner rather than later.

In the short term, Rager sees a resistance above the $8500 mark. He told his Twitter followers the battle could go two ways.

He followed that up with another tweet.

Rager sees a bullish move coming, but true to his character, he expressed that he would prefer to see healthy and steady growth. Nonetheless, he is predicting a bright future ahead for Bitcoin.

A few weeks ago, Rager told his social media followers “not to worry” about pullbacks in the price of Bitcoin. According to Rager, Bitcoin is only in the first semester of its bull run. He expects this one to exceed the last in both time and volume.


If Rager’s guess is correct, Bitcoin’s uptrend will be lasting a while longer. It would run well into 2021, in fact. If the scenario in his forecast were to play out, it would take Bitcoin way past the hundred thousand dollar mark.