CEO Justin Sun Plans Secret Valentine Package For Tron And BitTorrent, Intends to Host so many Celebrities

CEO Justin Sun Plans Secret Valentine Package For Tron And BitTorrent, Intends to Host so many Celebrities

The most aggressive CEO, Justin Sun is at it again, never seizes to dole out surprises. He is planning big for this Valentine’s Day with a secret campaign release for Tron and BitTorrent, plans to host so many celebrities.

“We’ll have a secret campaign released on #ValentinesDay for #TRON and #BitTorrent! Numerous celebrities will be on board. FYI, one of the main character in #Friends, one winner of 3 #goldenglobeawards & one winner of 4 #SuperBowl titles.”

Mr. Sun sure has a way of engaging his followers and audience with treats, offers, and special packages. He plans to bring on celebrities this valentine which will further increase his popularity and that of his network. Yet another step in his effort to promote mass adoption of the blockchain technology.

Tron network drive is focused on content production and transfer from peer-2-peer creating a seamless, faster and cheaper way of transferring and receiving content. Tron intends to make the internet experience better than ever via the blockchain technology.

BitTorrent is one of the latest achievement made by Tron team to promote mass adoption of blockchain technology. Its performance has grown rapidly since its launch, its success is basically on its large scale file sharing and distribution applications. Several content providers have embraced this blockchain tool.

Besides giving out incentives to users, Tron CEO has been involved in so many activities to create blockchain awareness, he partners with so many developers and programmers in the blockchain industry. Supports other blockchain promoters like Binance which runs a blockchain charity foundation. He has also improved the performance of his network by developing the features and increasing publicity.


No one knows what is up next for Mr. Sun who declared the valentine package is going to be a secret, the only thing that lets it out is that we know it is going to be a campaign. So which campaign will the CEO run now, however, we believe it is still going to be for the promotion of Tron and BitTorrent.

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