Will Fidelity Investments Trading Platform Start The Next Bull Run?

Will Fidelity Investments Trading Platform Start The Next Bull Run?

Fidelity Investments announced back in October 2018 that they were building a cryptocurrency trading and custody platform but will it help start the next bull run?

Fidelity Investments has now entered the final testing stage for their cryptocurrency platform under their company Fidelity Digital Assets.

The Fidelity team has been working with institutional investors and Crypto projects to lay the foundations to the platform to offer cryptocurrency solutions to investors.

The Fidelity Digital platform will not be open to the everyday user but to the institutional investors with the focus on getting hedge funds and heavy-handed individuals into the digital market. Fidelity sees a gap in the market coming from their traditional financial markets, investors have been inquiring and requesting digital assets to broaden their portfolio.

Regulations have been the top of Fidelity list with the company working with crypto regulators to ensure they meet all the requirements and can have a fast and smooth opening.


The exchange itself will be released very soon with no official release date being listed.

Why do I think this will start the next bull run? 

I think Fidelity has seen a gap in the market with its institutional investors calling for a more regulated and trusted platform for investing in digital assets. 

With Fidelity focusing on big institutions and investment firms there will be more capital entering the markets causing a simple supply and demand move on the markets. 

This could be the perfect catalysis for the next bull market as trading volume is really weak in the crypto space at the moment.