Tron Moves Towards New Revolution Web 3:0

Tron Moves Towards New Revolution Web 3:0

Tron foundation has been a crusader in changing the face of the internet, from the level where it is currently to where they think it should be. Web 3:0 is a revolution and Tron is in the forefront with its innovations via blockchain technology to decentralize the whole internet system.
The foundation just announced in a tweet the importance of moving to web 3:0;

“We are currently in an era of the Web 2.0 where many institutions are reaping benefits of the centralized internet. Read this article to learn what entails Web 3.0 and why we must move towards it.”

Evolution of the Internet

Internet history began with the development of electronic computers which were connected through different servers. The first internet version which was web 1:0 consists of various websites that contained information without responsive content.
The first version was slow with nothing like streaming or downloading, but as time changed, developers were able to create tools that could enable interactive content on the internet.
This brought the web to a new level, “web 2:0” where users could download and upload content, websites can also access interactive aspects like youtube, Facebook, Flickr, Wikipedia and more.
Tron Foundation has seen the future of the internet which is “web 3:0 and they are moving towards it. This new internet version will involve the decentralization of the internet using the blockchain technology.
The acquisition of BitTorrent sets Tron on the lead in this revolution, the internet is set to evolve to a new version of decentralization using the blockchain technology.
The Tron Founder, Justin Sun is so excited about this new revolution. He announced in a tweet earlier this month that Project Atlas can improve content distribution;

“Project Atlas will pave the future of content distribution, connect the @BitTorrent peer-to-peer protocol and its 100M+ users to #TRON’s network. Watch this video, learn more about the project and let us know what you think!”

The web 3:0 is an internet version where blockchain platforms, like Tron, can operate freely to offer an open network that cannot be controlled by big technology industries; but those who create and consume content.
Tron vision falls in line with web 3:0, which is creating a decentralized and free internet. It has the largest blockchain powered operating system protocol. That enables users to access data without restrictions or limitation, content creators and consumers can distribute and access content or data without limitations.