Three Cryptocurrencies You Should Take Advantage Of In This Period Of A Market Turbulence

Three Cryptocurrencies You Should Take Advantage Of In This Period Of A Market Pullback

Today, Bitcoin is trading a little above $4000, Ethereum is selling at $121, and Litecoin is trading at $34. It is evident that these coins have reduced in price drastically, and has fallen way below their all-time high. To many investors, this may be the time to get out of the business, or this may be the time to join the critics and condemn cryptocurrency to be a scam asset.

However, it is essential to know that this period remains the best time to get some of the cryptocurrencies you had no chance to buy when their prices flew. This post introduces three cryptocurrencies that have come down enough to give investors another chance.


How Dash was able to jump to an all-time high price is still surprising. It gave investors no or limited time to recognize its potential. Between September 2014 to July 2016, Dash traded between $2 and $11. All these while, Dash was nothing but a mere asset that existed online, and to many investors, it had no potential to rise by 1000% as Bitcoin was doing. On 20 December 2017, Dash surged in price to trade at $1541.

This price surge came as a surprise to many investors. It is worth noting that Dash has a small available supply (87 million), hence it is very responsive to price change. It is currently trading at $99. This price is very cheap as compared to how far it can rise. Dash is an excellent buy to any investor out there who still believes that cryptocurrencies will stage a great comeback.

Bitcoin Gold

Bitcoin gold is another asset you should have in your portfolio. This cryptocurrency has an available supply of 17 million just as Bitcoin and recorded $479 on 23 October 2017 as an all-time high price. Today, Bitcoin Gold is trading at $19. It is evident that this is the right time to buy more, and having multiple of this asset at this rate can increase your chance of hitting the Jackpot in the market boom.


Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic was trading at $45 on 14 January 2018, but currently trading at $4.9. It has an available supply of 106 million and has been tipped for greatness. At this market pullback, all the kings of cryptocurrencies have recorded a fall on the price curve. Ethereum Classic has been said to offer better features than Ethereum and can Surpass Ethereum in price sooner or later.