Three Cryptocurrencies That Can Take The Baton Stick From Bitcoin

Three Cryptocurrencies That Can Take The Baton Stick From Bitcoin

Since 2009, Bitcoin has led the race made up of over 1200 cryptocurrencies with excellent adoption rate and unusual price movement. It has been argued that Bitcoin enjoys these benefits ahead of the rest of the digital assets because it was the first to operate, hence people believe in it even though it probably has a lot of gaps in its functions.

Beyond doubt, a lot of digital assets which came after the inception of Bitcoin have better and more improved features. However, they still trail behind Bitcoin because they are treated as ‘options’. This article will introduce some digital assets that can turn the table to lead the race of the most valued digital asset.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is popular with the second largest market capitalization behind Bitcoin. Technically, Ethereum offers a wide range of services that can be of great help in the future. Ethereum blockchain provides the ground for developers to create their decentralized product.

Its smart contract has a better way of allowing people to keep permanent records including land registration and many more. Ethereum has a faster transaction confirmation than Bitcoin, and importantly, its available supply is similar to that of Bitcoin.

Zcash (ZEC)

Zcash is one of the dark horses in the cryptocurrency industry. Though it has not been in most of the experts suggested lists of cryptos that can break out, its mode of operation can make it stage a surprise overhaul on Bitcoin. Its strength lies in its anonymity. It perfectly fills the space of what cryptocurrency enthusiasts expect; Privacy.


For all you know, Bitcoin does not provide complete privacy but it’s merely pseudonymous. Zcash offers transaction security and total privacy. However, government regulations are one serious hindrance Zcash may face.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Despite Bitcoin having a lot of users, its slow transaction time became a problem. In light of this, a group of developers came together to create a coin that offsets these gaps. Bitcoin Cash was created to be the same but improved version of Bitcoin. Unlike Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash has a larger block size which helps it to process transactions faster but at a cheaper rate.

Looking at the long run, people will likely switch to a coin which does not keep them waiting and also, not any different from the original qualities of cryptocurrency. This is understandable in the free market economy where consumers go in for commodities that provide the same level satisfaction but more cheaper and convenient.