More Russian Universities Add Crypto Courses and Diplomas

More Russian Universities Add Crypto Courses and Diplomas

In addition to five universities offering crypto and blockchain courses in Russia, three more universities have announced the addition of crypto courses. These include diploma, degree, and postgraduate in crypto and blockchain technologies.
Related subjects of cryptography and the digital economy, will be taught as another academic session starts in September. Guest Lecturers from Europe, India, and the United States, will be conducting these courses.

The Crypto Courses

As another academic session starts in September, three more universities are beginning crypto courses in Russia. The courses cover a wide variety of crypto courses, including cryptography, blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, alternative payment systems, digital economy, accounting, and management.
The courses are to be taught in the English language, to attract international students and enhance the career of Russians seeking international opportunities in the field.
The institutions are The Voronezh State University (VSU), Don State Technical University (DSTU), and Novosibirsk State University (NSU).
Voronezh State University according to its website has established a bachelor degree program, that is focused on digital economy and blockchain technology. The major is called “Models and methods for analyzing the digital economy,” offered by the Department of Information Technologies and Mathematical Methods in Economics, starting by September 18.
The curriculum features the study of modern information technology analysis and the universal application of the course. This involves the application of the course in every sphere of governance and economic activities, according to the press a press statement. The announcement further notes the cognizance of the new technology and the training of a specialist in digital economy programs by the Russian government.
Don State Technical University (DSTU), is offering two masters program in blockchain technologies. According to a press statement of the varsity, it will be an “Intellectual systems based on blockchain technologies” and “Digital accounting and management.” It will be about the acquisition of knowledge for developing new information systems and to create modern electronic payment methods and structures.
Novosibirsk State University ( NSU ), is also offering the same course as Don State Technical University, in September another new crypto course, Cryptography will be started at Masters level. 15 The Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty will admit students for MS degree in cryptography. The two years course entails studies of encryption techniques and blockchain technologies.
Knowledgeable individuals in the field from Germany, Belgium, Norway, France, Denmark, India, and the US, and the Russian crypto experts also will take the courses.
These universities will be joining the former major universities in the country, that started offering courses on crypto and blockchain courses last year. The universities are, Moscow State University, the National Research University Higher School of Economics, the National University of Science and Technology “MISiS,” the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, and the Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics.
The steady popularity and increasing demand for experts in cryptocurrency, has prompted the courses in the Russian universities. This continues to bring to bear the importance of cryptocurrency in the world at large.