Magic Cube Decentralized Entertainment platform on NEO's blockchain Could be a Threat to Tron's Ecosystem

Magic Cube Decentralized Entertainment platform on NEO's blockchain Could be a Threat to Tron's Ecosystem

The NEO decentralized applications platform has been attracting a lot of new startups to the NEO protocol considering the success it recorded with the Ontology initial coin offerings.
Recently, the Tron Mainnet announced the use of its platform in as a decentralized entertainment ecosystem.
This could have drawn the attention of one of the NEO-based protocols that is used in the development of games and had successfully launched 23 games, Magic Cube to announce its plan to build a decentralized entertainment and gaming ecosystem on the Neo platform  ,each game it has successfully launched has a minimum of 150,000 active users per game.
This could be confirmed by the tweet from Neo News that reads: “Magic Cube (@MC__Foundation) is planning to build a decentralized gaming and entertainment ecosystem on $NEO. The company currently has 23 games live and in development, with an average monthly active user rate of 150,000 users per game”
The Neo post also noted that, Magic Cube will be launching a new token economy that will be used in its protocol since it is committed to developing a platform that will bind all consumer goods like films,games,music and others.
This could easily be achieved since it has a gaming present as Magic cube LLC, a publisher and game development platform. Rudy Rong,CEO of Magic Cube stated that: “I have long believed that blockchain technology will forever change the gaming industry, and Magic Cube is committed to being at the forefront of that change.”
He Continued,

“The Magic Cube team’s deep experience in the gaming industry and global reach should allow us to expand our operation from China to other large gaming markets, specifically the U.S.”

This development is necessary to protect the interest of developers that loses most of their financial rewards with game publishers since the later will be replaced with a token economy that will be generated through initial game offerings(IGO) which will be tradable in the open market as utilities after the IGO.