Liberland: The self-proclaimed free Country bases its Economy on Cryptocurrency


If there is an example of perseverance in the diplomatic world, Liberland may be one of the cases that should be taken into account. Vít Jedlička, a man determined to forge his destiny (free of any government administrations with which he did not agree), decided to take one step forward and in an act of rebellion, “founded” a country where his inhabitants shared the same values as he did.
But this initiative, which began in 2015, grew in quality and quantity to the extent that it received over 200,000 citizenship applications , and today, they already have a legal system strong enough for a micronation, with no real population, but with an idea shared by hundreds of thousands.

But beyond that, the country wants to grow in functionality, and for that reason in each citizenship application they request information about the applicant’s willingness to move their business and invest in the country, the amount of taxes they would like to pay and the donation they would be willing to contribute to the country’s consolidation expenses (administration, legal disputes, social events, diplomacy, media, etc.).
It could be said that Liberland transferred to the field of international diplomacy, a struggle similar to that which Bitcoin initiated in the economic field. So if you are an enthusiast of cryptocurrencies and you feel that the government of your country does not represent your interests an investment in the development of Liberland could be interesting at least as far as the philosophical aspect is concerned.
However, Liberland may also be of interest to speculators as it announced the creation of its own cryptocurrency: Merit, and reward those who invest with an amount of this crypto-money. In the event that its credibility grows, the merit marketcap will increase, resulting in gains for traders.
Within the application, there is an opportunity to list the profession to be practiced, the industry to be developed or the economic activity to be exercised. For this purpose, a donation will be made and later converted into crypto money, being this the common means of exchange of the country that will not have a Central Bank.
So far, no country has taken Liberland’s initiative seriously. The land is located in a disputed area between Croatia and Serbia, with no real settlement so far. But its inhabitants could have some hope through the interpretation of the Law. An article published by The Chicago Journal of International Law states:

“Croatia’s insistence that Liberland is part of Serbia could constitute a renunciation of Croatia’s legal rights to Liberland. Conversely, if the territory that Liberland claims as its own is Serbian, the Serbian government’s renunciation of its title to that land could also be a quitclaim that would transform the legal status of the land to terra nullius. In both instances, the territory would belong to the first entity -in this case Liberland- to claim it.”

So every day there are more and more rebels willing to take decentralized measures. Previously the well-known hacker Amir Taaki had already supported a similar initiative in the city of Rojava. It is this set of small initiatives that dare to challenge the status quo that can eventually change the world.
If you want to be an “official” liberlandian, click here to apply for a citizenship:

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