Kids Have To Be Aware Of Cryptocurrencies for Global Adoption to Happen – Pigzbe

Kids Have To Be Aware Of Cryptocurrencies for Global Adoption to Happen - Pigzbe

No doubt, cryptocurrencies belong to the young ones, not just the youths but also the little kids. The expansion of cryptocurrencies, therefore, depends on them.
As analysis points, there are over 2 billion kids on the planet, and it’s essential that they are taught from their tender ages what the new virtual/digital currency is all about and the benefits.
Though presently, cryptocurrencies are most understood by adults, Pigzbe has deemed it fit to create technologies which children can easily relate to. This they will get the children to understand the technicalities of virtual currencies from their tender ages.
Pigzbe, a blockchain startup has taken it up to develop a kid-friendly wallet which will make sending, receiving and storing cryptocurrencies easy for kids. The interactive app run by the wallet is also configured to educate kids on the volatility that comes with the cryptocurrency markets and best practices.
Well, am not sure you’ll want to commit your bitcoins in the hands of your six yr olds. That won’t be a problem as the wallet stores the Wollo coin on the Pigzbe ecosystem.
Undoubtedly, the blockchain and the whole bunch of virtual currency technologies are at its early stages, just like the internet were in the 80’s. If these same technologies would be used mostly by youths 10 – 20 years from now, then that means the kids have to get learning about these technologies immediately.
Well, the kids may not be able to do it without their parents, the app will appeal to both parties and with an easy to use step-by-step guides, the parents can take their kids around the whole process in a short time.

The Benefit

Grooming the kids from now has a whole lot of benefits. If a good percentage of over 2 billion kids globally gets a quality education about cryptocurrencies at their tender age before they start making their own money, we might soon see a change in the financial system as we have long expected with virtual currencies completely taking over the current economic system.