Is this the Best Time to Acquire More Verge [XVG] ?

Is this the Best Time to Acquire More Verge [XVG] ?

Verge remained as a sleeping giant until John Mcafee’s prediction woke it up to rub shoulders with the big guns. In December 2017, John Mcafee predicted that verge would trade at $15 by mid-2018.

It is evident that its current price is nowhere near that prediction, but that does not take anything away from Verge. Verge remains as one of the most potential cryptocurrencies out there.

Verge traded more than $0.2 in the recent cryptocurrency market boom, before falling back to its current price of $0.1. The truth is that it has a perfect rate for anyone who intends to get a vast amount of digital assets with potential.Is this the Best Time to Acquire More Verge [XVG] ?
Verge has an excellent way of dealing with the security concerns raised in the cryptocurrency industry. According to reports, the anonymity of cryptocurrencies is used by criminals to engage in their illegal dealings.

With regards to this, Verge XVG has been able to come up with options whether a transaction should be made private or public. This function makes it exceptional, and possible to get it regulated and used by institutions, which can accelerate its price movement. Besides that, Verge is one of the stable cryptocurrencies, and this makes it credible enough to invest in them.

Something is interesting about the cryptocurrency. The total supply of verge which is 15 billion has all been mined as its available supply is now 15 billion. However, it has a maximum supply of 16 billion.
According to some analysts, applying basic economics to Verge’s available supply and total supply indicates that the price is on the Verge of breaking out. In economics, the price of an asset increases when the demand exceed supply.


In this case, Verge’s total supply has been exhausted, and it is a matter of time for this price increase to take place.

According to their official website, they ensured that Verge has a total supply of 15 billion to prevent market manipulation by large coin holders. Verge has one of the fastest transaction speed in the crypto space, which makes it open to more institutional use.

The cryptocurrency is very responsive to price changes and can rise faster on the price curve than most of the cryptocurrencies. On this note, it can boldly be concluded that Verge is a good buy, and this is the right time to key in.

Disclaimer: We Do Not Encourage Our Readers to Invest in Any Particular Cryptocurrency, Always do your own independent research before investing in any Digital Currency and Always Remember that the market is a volatile one.