Investors Turn to Hypnosis to Recover Lost Bitcoin Passwords


A hypnotist from South Carolina, Jason Miller, is using hypnotism to help people recover their lost Bitcoin passwords and charges half a Bitcoin whether or not the password is recovered.
Jason Miller operates a hypnotism business at the Greenville Hypnosis Centre in South Carolina and purports to help people recover lost memories so that they can deal with stress. He uses techniques of regression to uncover lost memories and has recently applied this skill to the trending topic of Bitcoin. He claims:

“Hypnosis has the ability to help clients find lost objects and recall things that they may have forgotten. Whether you have lost your hardware wallet or forgotten your bitcoin password… then let’s get you set up for an appointment to help you recover your lost bitcoin”.

Bitcoin investors have nearly ran out of options to recover their lost passwords due to the tight cryptographic security measures applied through blockchain technology. Some investors have even resorted to trying to brute force their wallet passwords using supercomputers that may even fail at the task. When all else has failed, these investors have turned to the hypnotist to solve their dilemma.
The certified hypnotist Jason Miller claims that he can help one access “past lives” and manage all kinds of stressors that may afflict a person. The claims seem very promising but whether they could work with Bitcoin is another story altogether.
Jason claims that he has helped around 50% of his clients recover their passwords. Jason charges half a bitcoin and 5% of your wallet if the hypnosis is successful. The price used to be 1 BTC + 5% wallet, yet he has lowered the price to attract more customers.
The hypnosis sessions can be taken over 3 Skype sessions and can be taken from anywhere in the world. Jason asks, however, that participants be able to speak in English adequately so that the sessions can occur. He also asks participants to have webcam access so that the hypnosis can occur without error.
The payment of half a Bitcoin, however, is non-refundable and this could be a turn off for many willing participants. The price of 1 BTC or even half of this seems like a steep price to pay to merely have hypnosis sessions over Skype.