Investors Trading Bitcoin for Tron (TRX) in Anticipation of Greater Gains as Justin Sun’s Projects Grows

Investors Trading Bitcoin for Tron (TRX) in Anticipation of Greater Gains as Justin Sun's Projects Grows

Some Bitcoin investors who have lost faith in their first desire are ditching BTC for Tron TRX seeking higher returns on investment. Recent development growth in Tron network has stirred up a lot of positive responses from existing and potential investors. Experts, users, and enthusiasts are applauding Tron CEO, Justin Sun for his great achievement in taking advantage of the bear market to impact on the crypto space via his projects.

Optimizing BitTorrent to a value-adding instrument is one of the greatest recent achievement of the Tron team, now everything seems to be looking up for the Tron TRX.

Since late last year, the network has experienced rapid growth and development, with the market cap rising from $820M to $1.5B. There has also been a remarkable upward surge in the price of TRX even while other currencies are struggling to break out of the bearish market condition.

This development has stirred the interest of investors whose focus is on gaining higher returns, hence the desire to swap their BTC for TRX. Rise in market volume and price surge is a strong force for Tron.


Tron rapid growth took off from the time it migrated from Ethereum network to its own network, MainNet. The recent move was buying over BitTorrent which allows peer-to-peer file sharing. Users can download content, like music and movies at a very high speed. Presently there are about hundred active Dapps on Tron network, with more ready to join. Developers from other networks are migrating to Tron because they say “it has a lot more to offer”.

Tron team are working very hard to increase and improve the available features on the network. Swap for TRX is not only from BTC investors but also other token investors like Tether (USDT).