EOS price predictions: will the latest initiative positively affect the price of EOS?

EOS Back on Track as Market begins takes a Bullish Path

EOS has been on the list as one of the top cryptocurrencies on the market. Currently, EOS is trading at 3.78 USD with $3,422,826,683 as the EOS market capitalization. 2018 was not a golden year for all cryptocurrencies which EOS falls in. However, 2019 promises to be better for the cryptocurrency, with some new initiatives that can positively affect its price.  

A new initiative that can positively affect the price of EOS and be a benefit to the entire cryptocurrency market is a declaration of a seed round. StrongBlock, a private blockchain studio, and a firm established by a one-time executive of the EOS blockchain backed company Block.one, last Wednesday announced the securing of a $4 million seed roundThe round was headed by the Swiss-based Pangea Blockchain Fund, with Copernicus Asset Management and some of its limited partners. The round is an initial investment for the firms and became a realization after acquiring funds worth $22 million from various investors including Roger Ver, a crypto investor who is also the CEO of Bitcoin.com.

According to Copernicus CIO, Maggie Rokkum-Testi, StrongBlock’s innovation will empower blockchains to end up universal, powering massive business changes going from energy and public utilities to retail and healthcare services.

She added that the likely “outcomes are almost endless and can be actualized in all industries, conveying the potential of blockchain technology to the majority in a genuine, significant manner.”

Another initiative that can be very beneficial to EOS is the partnership with one of the best cryptocurrency mining pools, MinerGate, and a blockchain startup, Lumi Technologies. The partnership in line to develop common EOS infrastructure.


The aided work signifies a progressive process that will lead to a Lumi wallet which will become an official wallet for all EOS-related transactions within the MinerGate EOS Ecosystem.

Looking at this initiative coming in, it is just fair to suggest a positive price prediction for EOS. I think the EOS price is up for a long-term increase. However, cryptoanalysts and experts are predicting EOS price to rise above $30 this year, which is an extremely bullish optimistic prediction.