MinerGate and Lumi Will Join Forces To Support EOS

MinerGate and Lumi will join forces to support EOS

One of the most well-known cryptocurrency mining pools – MinerGate – and a blockchain startup – Lumi Technologies – has entered into a strategic partnership in order to develop joint EOS infrastructure.

MinerGate is a multicurrency mining pool, providing its users with the opportunity to mine 11 popular crypto coins, including Ethereum (ETH), Monero (XMR), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Gold (BTG) and others. For 6 years, the company has been creating and maintaining high-load systems of stable and bulletproof pools to connect people all around the globe and grant them an ability to mine cryptocurrencies collaboratively.

Lumi Technologies is a one-year-old startup, with an eponymous cold wallet for cryptocurrencies and tokens – Lumi Wallet. It’s mostly known for its privacy and security features, as well as smooth design. All private keys are generating client side, and this data is not processing by company servers, so there is no way to disclose this information to third parties. Access to the wallet can be restricted and restored at any time using the 15-word mnemonic phrase, which has to be created by the wallet owner.

For both companies, this partnership is part of an effort to develop EOS-related features and integrate them into their products. MinerGate has already taken significant steps towards EOS adoption, launching its own EOS block producer in late December 2018. The cooperative work with Lumi represents the next step in this process and will result in Lumi Wallet becoming an official wallet for all EOS-related transactions within the MinerGate EOS Ecosystem.

For Lumi Technologies this EOS integration will open new markets of so-called staking and create an opportunity to work with most of the existing and future DPoS-based cryptocurrencies.