EOS Emerges As The Strongest Altcoin In The Market, Could Skyrocket To New Highs With Upcoming Announcement

EOS Back on Track as Market begins takes a Bullish Path

Of the top cryptos that have demonstrated great resilience, EOS makes the list. The number 5 coin now looks all set for good things as the EOS community awaits with baited breath. According to a tweet by Josh Rager, EOS is one of the strongest cryptos in the market.

The Big Announcement

Josh references an upcoming June 1st announcement by EOS as one of the big factors that could influence the cryptos market value very positively. In Josh’s opinion, EOS could gather enough momentum to break through the $8.40 resistance level if the expected news turns out to be good and impacting.


Going on, EOS has already been on the move up against Bitcoin in terms of SATs (Satoshis). In fact, the recent market-wide price spike has triggered a price uptrend in EOS. From the look of it, things can only get better from here.


EOS Doesn’t Shill

According to a commenter on Josh’s tweet, the anticipated EOS announcement could be earth-shaking. For one, the user argued, EOS isn’t known to dish out insignificant stuff. Going on, the user argued that unlike others like Tron, EOS’ announcements have almost always have had a positive impact on the crypto’s price.

However, Josh showed some level of caution especially because no one knows what exactly EOS plans to announce. Still, there wasn’t a lack of interesting and optimistic theories.


Backed by some of his fans on the thread, Josh ventured that the announcement could be about an upcoming partnership between EOS and a large blockchain company or government entity.

The general consensus is that for other cryptos to effectively compete with Facebook’s crypto, they would need to partner with important entities. In that sense, EOS may be working towards that objective early enough.