EOS Founder Dan Larimer: A Major Huge Announcement Is Coming In June

EOS Founder Dan Larimer: A Major Huge Announcement Is Coming In June

The founder of EOS Dan Larimer has given a hint that EOS will be making a big announcement in June this year. He made this statement in the Telegram group of the EOS project yesterday March 25. Although no further details were given, Larimer made it clear that something huge was on the way for EOS and its fans.

June will be biggest news since EOSIO announcement.

The only other thing the EOS founder mentioned was that Ethereum which builds smart contracts just like EOS is not a threat to EOS despite the larger number of developers it has. He said this in response to concerns raised by EOS supporters.

“Quality over quantity. ETH has many devs because their solutions are overly complicated by poor initial design […] No amount of Devs can fix what is wrong with ETH unless they pitchfork to something like EOSIO.”

Larimer is right that the June announcement will be the biggest since the announcement of EOSIO because the last “big” news about the cryptocurrency was that a user created a fake large transaction for whatever reason.

Meanwhile, Tron’s Justin Sun has been an ardent critic of both EOS and Ethereum, offering to create a fund to rebuild their “broken” platforms if they join Tron. Weiss Ratings, however, counteracted the statement saying both projects were better than Tron in every sense.


No one knows what the June announcement will be about, but it might be big enough to set EOS apart from Tron which Justin Sun has always thought to be superior to every other smart contract-deploying platform including Ethereum from which he started.

On the market, EOS has been doing fairly well, standing out as the only one among the top ten cryptocurrencies to be in the green as at yesterday while the rest including Bitcoin bled. The market is almost all red at press time though except for a few assets like BAT.

No doubt Larimer has put the entire cryptocurrency space in suspense as they eagerly look forward to June to know what he has in store. He is a big name in the space so his words may really mean something huge that may change the course of things for EOS.