LATOKEN’s partner signs agreement with US Broker-Dealer Monarch to strengthen position on STO market

LATOKEN’s partner signs agreement with US Broker-Dealer Monarch to strengthen position on STO market

San-Francisco, May 27, 2019. LiquiTrade Ltd. signed the agreement with a Monarch Subsidiary Broker Dealer they purchased (awaiting FINRA/SEC approval), aimed at providing accredited US investors with the ability to buy and sell eligible digital assets.

LiquiTrade Ltd., a partner of LATOKEN platform, and Monarch aim to develop fully SEC-compliant solution for innovative companies outside of the US to raise capital by conducting STOs, primarily utilizing Reg D exemption framework. The agreement is also aimed at providing liquidity to US investors through secondary trading in the future to the extent allowed by US law.

The agreement was executed during the recent Blockchain Economic Forum conducted by LATOKEN in the US. This was the 5th event in a row that traditionally gathers people ranging from ex-presidents and ministers of European countries to tech and crypto celebs.

CEO of LATOKEN Valentin Preobrazhenskiy commented on the deal: “LATOKEN aims to create liquidity for American accredited investors and startups with initial security exchange offering. This will enable more investors to empower great ideas and teams to make a better future”.

President & Co-Founder of Monarch Blockchain Corporation Robert Beadles noted, “The deal is aimed at simplifying access for US investors to a broader range of companies.”



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About Monarch

Monarch Blockchain Corporation is a mostly self-funded Crypto start-up which already has a working product and is backed by many crypto experts, including Roger Ver. With over 230,000+ downloads already, its decentralized universal crypto wallet supports over 1,900 cryptocurrencies, has a fiat gateway, APR % Interest-earning with select crypto, an ERC20 DEX, portfolio tracker, and an updated news section with even more features planned for release in the coming months. Monarch is powering DeFi, and LATOKEN’s partnership is another exciting development for the Monarch Blockchain Alliance.

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